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Legislative Authority

Legislative Authority

Services We Offer

Parinitha Business Consultancy, situated in Bangalore, specializes in providing expert services related to compliance with state-specific laws on Professional Tax:

Professional Tax Consultancy

– Offering day-to-day consultancy on matters concerning tax on Professions, Trades, Callings, and Employments.
– Facilitating Registration/Enrollment under Professional Tax regulations.
– Providing assistance in complying with various provisions under the applicable Acts.
– Guidance on deduction and payment of Professional Tax.

Periodical Returns Management

– Preparation and filing of periodical returns in accordance with the regulatory requirements.
– Handling applications for Rectification of mistakes, if any.

Recovery Proceedings Support

– Assisting in recovery proceedings related to Professional Tax.
– Aiding in claiming refunds for excess payments made.

Inspection and Search Assistance

– Providing assistance during inspections of accounts & documents and searches of premises.

Appeal and Revision Services

– Filing appeals to Appellate Authorities on behalf of clients.
– Handling revision of orders passed by the Appellate Authorities, when necessary.

Compounding of Offences

– Facilitating the compounding of offences as per legal provisions.

Choose Parinitha Business Consultancy for comprehensive guidance and seamless management of Professional Tax compliance tailored to your specific business needs.