Labour Welfare Fund Act

Labour Welfare Fund Act

Services We Offer

Parinitha Business Consultancy, located in Bangalore, is your trusted partner for all matters related to Labour Welfare Funds and Contract Labour Compliances. We offer the following services in compliance with various Central/state-specific legislations dealing with Labour Welfare Funds:

Labour Welfare Fund Compliances

– Providing day-to-day consultancy on matters concerning Labour Welfare Fund.
– Preparation and submission of notices for the opening of establishments with the Welfare Commissioner.
– Regularly updating the Welfare Commissioner on changes in establishment details.
– Handling the deposition of Contributions to Labour Welfare Funds on behalf of establishments.
– Preparation and submission of statements of Employer’s and Employees’ Contributions to the Welfare Commissioner.
– Maintenance of various registers such as Register of Wages, Register of Unclaimed Wages, and Register of Fines.
– Submission of periodic returns and extracts of registers to the Welfare Commissioner.
– Responding to and satisfying Show Cause Notices issued by Inspectors/Welfare Commissioners.
– Representing establishments before Inspectors during inspections and search of premises.
– Providing assistance to establishments during inquiries conducted by Inspectors.

Support in Contract Labour Compliances

– Offering day-to-day consultancy on various issues related to Contract Labour.
– Representing companies in cases of rejection/refusal/suspension/revocation of Principal Employer’s Registration/Labour License.
– Facilitating the issuance of duplicate copies of Certificates of Registration/Labour License.
– Assisting in the issuance of Employment Cards to workmen and Service Certificates.
– Providing comprehensive assistance to Principal Employers/Contractors in complying with the applicable provisions of the Contract Labour Act.

Choose Parinitha Business Consultancy for expert guidance and efficient management of Labour Welfare Fund and Contract Labour compliances tailored to your establishment’s needs.