Labour Law Consultant

Labour Law Consultant

Parinitha Business Consultancy – your reliable partner in navigating the complexities of labor law.

We are delighted to present ourselves as seasoned Labor Law Consultants, specializing in comprehensive statutory compliance solutions. At Parinitha, we offer top-notch services in Labor Law, Statutory Compliance, Industrial Relations (IR), and Human Resources (HR), catering to a wide array of industries and addressing compliance requirements across various organizational levels and demographics. We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ needs thoroughly and committing our full resources to meeting those needs effectively.

With a solid track record spanning over 9 years, we thrive on embracing new initiatives and conquering challenges. We recognize that labor law, statutory compliance, IR, and HR are crucial assets for any organization. Our proficient team comprises experienced professionals with extensive and relevant expertise in these domains, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction.

At Parinitha Business Consultancy, we prioritize delivering exceptional service quality. Our proactive approach and best practices enable us to continually enhance the value we offer to our clients.

Partner with Parinitha Business Consultancy for unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to your compliance needs.

Why Choose Parinitha Business Consultancy:

We are the most sought-after Labor Law and Statutory Compliance Consultancy in Bangalore. With a focus on innovation and expertise, we offer cutting-edge solutions in Labor Law, Statutory Compliance, Industrial Relations (IR), and Human Resources (HR) to both global conglomerates and indigenous enterprises. With a widespread network of offices spanning across Bangalore, our core objective is to deliver cost-effective services in Labor Law, Statutory Compliance, IR, HR, Payroll Management, and Internal Audit.

Solutions Offered by Parinitha Business Consultancy:

1. Establishment Compliance: Tailored compliance solutions for your branches and offices.
2. Factory Compliance: Ensuring compliance adherence for your factory operations.
3. Vendor Compliance: Comprehensive audits to mitigate financial and legal risks associated with non-compliant vendors, along with support to meet vendor obligations.
4. Various Compliance under Labor Laws: Covering EPF, ESI, LWF, PT, TDS, and more.
5. Payroll Solutions/Manpower Outsourcing: Efficient payroll management and outsourcing solutions.
6. Compliance Documentation: Creation and maintenance of necessary registers and records.

Elements of the Solution:

1. Maintenance of Registers and Records.
2. Timely deposit of statutory fees/contributions.
3. Preparation and filing of returns.
4. Display of relevant abstracts.
5. Obtaining registrations/licenses.
6. Conducting site audits and vendor audits.
7. Education of frontline employees.
8. Management of inspections and notices.
9. Provision of advisory services.

Under various labor laws, we facilitate registration and renewal, sub-code and licensing under the Contract Labour (R&A) Act, and state-wise Shops and Establishment Commercial Act. We handle compliance requirements under Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), Factories Act, Pollution Control regulations, Fire Safety norms, and more.

Our services extend to preparing monthly/quarterly/half-yearly and yearly challans/returns under various compliances such as EPF, ESI, LWF, PT, EDLI, TDS, Minimum Wages, and Gratuity. We assist in managing formalities related to Compulsory Notifications, Show Cause Notices, Summons, and other statutory compliances.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive Payroll Management solutions and ensure proper management of employees’ insurance coverage, including GPA, GHI, EC, and Fidelity insurances for both permanent and contractual staff. Internal audit compliance, tailored to specific industry requirements, is also part of our service portfolio.

Choose Parinitha Business Consultancy for unparalleled expertise and personalized service in labor law and statutory compliance management.